Jonathan D. Marmur, MD, FACC, FRCP
Interventional Cardiology

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
450 Clarkson Avenue
Room A2-523 (cardiac cath lab)
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098
Cell: 917-885-8854
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Expert Services Page

Expert Services

Dr. Jonathan Marmur serves as a medical expert witness for both plaintiff and defense counsel in selected cardiac and cardiovascular malpractice cases.

Dr. Marmur views serving as an expert witness to be part of his professional and civic responsibilities as a cardiovascular specialist.

For more information, see Dr. Marmur's protocol for case evaluation and read more about guidelines for expert witnesses.

Expert Witness Experience

Dr. Marmur's medical expert witness work started in 1996 when he served as a defense expert witness for the New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office for cardiovascular cases.

In this role, he worked with several attorneys providing expert defense testimony in negligence and malpractice cases.

Dr. Marmur also supports defense counsel in preventing the suspension of cardiologists' privileges. In one case, his detailed deposition supported the retention of hospital privileges by a New Orleans' physician.

For defense and plaintiff, he reviews medical records for liability and provides expert opinions and testimony about causation and presumed longevity.

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“His stellar curriculum vitae pales in comparison to his professionalism and expertise as an expert witness.” , Attorney G. Ganauchean Jr., Kathleen DeBruhl & Associates, New Orleans

"Dr. Marmur is articulate and persuasive as an expert and performs well under the pressures of being deposed". Attorney J. Rappaport, Aaronson Rappoport Feinstein & Deutsch, New York

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