Jonathan D. Marmur, MD, FACC, FRCP
Interventional Cardiology

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
450 Clarkson Avenue
Room A2-523 (cardiac cath lab)
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098
Cell: 917-885-8854
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Jonathan Marmur

Current Appointments

State University of New York (SUNY) Health Science Center at Brooklyn

Comprehensive CV

Medical Expert Witness

As a medical expert witness in cardiology, Dr. Marmur supports legal counsel in selected cases. He provides objective opinions and testimony based on his experience as a high volume practitioner of percutaneous coronary intervention and as an internationally recognized expert in atherosclerosis and blood clotting.

His expert witness services support the medicolegal process in all its phases, including evaluating whether the standard of care was met or breached, testifying in court, or assessing damages based on causation and presumed longevity.

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News and Media

Recognized by professional colleagues as an expert in his field, Dr. Marmur is a frequently invited speaker at national and international conferences. He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine.

Dr. Marmur has been quoted in The New York Times and other prominent newspapers.

Dr Marmur has appeared on numerous TV interviews & webcasts such as

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